Hovel and Manor trickeds and decoration.

Nicholas Harris

More Manor items such as fancy vases/pots to pretty up shelves with. And similar knickknacks. Some of these could work in Castles and hovels.

Tapestries, too, rather than just portraits.

Could be more ceiling having things for hovels? Rather than lights, maybe pots/pans that sort of thing?


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Amanda Witow

Def agree! So many of the rooms end up looking really bare. There are tons of little things that can be seen in a variety of building types that you don't necessarily notice until they're not there.
Shoes by the front door, desktop plants (roses, my love, where are you?), stack of letters, keys (alone and on key rings), jewellery and/or watches in a little dish/tray, dirty dishes in/beside the sink, art & craft supplies, writing/stationary supplies, etc, etc.