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Kairo Umiker

The Ai is nice but a lot of times i have to rework a lot of objects placements , because the Ai places them in odd spots. For example made a hallway in the crypt theme and the Ai put Pillars in the Middle of the hallway with 2 m apart from each other. Or filled a entire big dungeon room with said pillars.


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Dining rooms need a rework imho. Often a big room has only 2 seats. If I place a big dining room I'd expect at least 8 seats for my party and NPCs.

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Dustin Wood

In app bug reporting doesn't work, so I'll add this here: Crypt rooms shouldn't place windows and doors on exterior walls.



you can already deactive the spawning of walls, windows, doors, lights, and assets while drawing a room. There is a button for a small menu in the room drawing menu


Aerynus - Lead Developer

Status changed to: In progress