Fog of (Not) War


I just had a good idea, but I don't know how feasible it is: a "Fog of War" setting so you can share your screen in games and use the animated, 3D map as a kind of guide for non-combat situations. For instance, if you want to show off a house to the party, but want it to be kept a secret until the reveal. The way this worked in my head is, it blurs walled rooms, until doors are opened to that room. This could also work in conjunction with roofing, using that to mask the rooms if it's a top floor.

This came to me while I was showing off a building the party had made in Dungeon Alchemist and was trying to reveal it to them piece by piece. I basically zoomed in as much as possible to almost make it 1st Person, then opened doors and walked about the house, but a Fog setting could make reveals even more dramatic.


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I need this aswell. Too many spoilers for my players when i show full map. I dont use VTT but even then, its handy to change, adjust the map while players are there. Great to see this is planned.


Aerynus - Lead Developer

Status changed to: Planned


Jason Brandon

Adding the ability to apply fog of war, or line of sight functionality to make DA it's own VTT

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Merged with: Fog of war/Line of sight


Patrick Galvin

Honestly this would be 100% perfect for our group setup and groups like ours. I know this is a map making program, but all we need for our in person VTT sessions is a map and manual fog of war, no automation necessary. Could also then keep all of the 3D perspectives and animations right in DA instead of waiting for and/or dealing with video file exports. If I could just build a map in DA and then add fog of war to it I would be soooo happy.

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Peggy De Meue

Well, as long as it doesn't become the top priority I don't mind that it would get added. Could be useful when making first-person-view exports. (as they're more illustrative than playable)

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Rm De jong

Don't think this is a great idea for a MAP MAKING program. Would be an idea for a virtual tabletop program. But most of them already have this.


Jonas Thibout

Same here, i even can't see the point if i can open / close a door, or see a windmill when i create it on DA if i can't interact with it when i use it.
I thought about a pencil or square tool to uncover the fog of war.


B Krysik

This would be a great feature, we are playing with a map shared on a screen, we base a lot of ''perception'' rolls, based on which you can find additional objects, secret rooms, quest items and all sorts of hidden stuff. If I show a map where people can quickly figure out the content just based on shape and visible rooms in the distance, makes no sense - they shouldn't know what's in there until they reveal it.

It makes exploration a completely different experience!

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Archduke Vecna

Merged with: Hide a room or item - make it invisible until game master reveals it


B Krysik


I have requested similar feature where you could also hide certain items or specific parts of the location and then reveal them with succesful ''perception'' or ''search'' rolls - or reward players for checking something thoroughly, so it could not be limitted just to hiding ''what's inside the room'' - but yeah! This would be a great feature in any form - it's really required here and I was shocked when I found out it's not in the game foundation already.


ETHO reaper

This would be very useful